To anyone who is or know anyone that is living with the effects of cancer treatment… I would like to introduce to you a wonderful charity called ‘Look Good Feel Better’! This charity offers make up workshops to help restore confidence at an extremely challenging time for most. For me, as a professional make up artist, I get the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at a work shop. I am currently volunteering at QA in Portsmouth, so if you know anyone who would benefit from this and would like to experience what a workshop has to offer, where not only do you get make up advise, but you claim a complimentary product gift bag filled with luxury skin care and make up goodies worth up to £300.

I personally love being apart of this incredible charity as you get to see first hand the difference in people who attend. This allows people to socialise, get pampered, gain skills and most importantly bring back their confidence by bringing back their features, that some may have lost through treatment.

I will be holding a fundraising event in the not to distant future also, which will include a masterclass in evening wear make-up. More details will follow over the next couple of weeks...

Again get in touch if you or someone you know would benefit from this... also to anyone who would like to become a volunteer / fundraiser. It is a international charity so get involved.

Please feel free to share this video using the YouTube link below…


In loving memory of a graceful, charming and brave best friend of mine Rachael and to all that have

been affected by Cancer...

Rachael sadly passed away from cervical cancer on the 8th of May 2016.

When Rachael received the alarming and terrifying news that her cancer was terminal, Olly and Rach decided to bring their marriage forward, so they could cement their unity, devotion and commitment to each other.  This, in turn, gave Rachael something very positive and special to focus on.

They were both married in March 2016 on a beautiful spring day.

Laughter echoed all through the day and night, that was Rachael's way. As Rach is a best friend of mine (and myself being a make-up artist), I naturally carried out her make-up on her wedding day. The make-up ran slightly over time due to us laughing all the morning. Moments I will cherish and so typical of us.

My heart truly goes out to Rachael's supportive and loving family - I am so happy to have met them more intimately. The bond Rachael had with her parents and two sisters was completely evident. I loved seeing them all together. Special thank you to Rachael's family for being so accommodating at such a difficult time - I can totally see where Rachael got her incredible strength from. My deepest love to you all.

Rachael shared the most special time with her loving and devoted husband, Olly, from the moment they met, leading up to their wedding, right through to the end. The love they have for each other is to be admired. I am proud to say I have gained a friend in Olly and another in one of Rachael's best friends, Roberta - truly charming, caring and loving people with so much love for my friend Rachael. It's so comforting to share all of our memories of her when we all get together. Much love to you both.

Rach, was the bravest, most loving person I had the pleasure to have met.  Even at her worst she was still able to make contact and raise a smile for all to see. What was remarkable and so typical of her nature was that she tried her very best to raise funds for cancer charities and her local hospice that gave her the best care anyone could have wished for. She wanted others to experience the same, but ultimately, she wished for a cure so there would be no need for such hospices to exist.

Instead of loved ones buying flowers at Rachael's funeral, it was by her request that the money go to charity instead. It was of upmost importance for Rachael to help raise awareness and call out to people to have regular check-ups, making it a priority.

I do not wish to morn but to celebrate the person she was - a tower of strength, courage and determination, a kind and loving person with a laugh that will ring in my ears for a lifetime.

In honour of Rachael, her family, friends and anyone who has been affected by this terrible disease, I have teamed up with Cancer Research to become a fundraiser. I have set up a Just Giving page to open it up to all of my readers, clients, family and friends should you wish to make a donation at any time no matter how great or small, every single donation counts and is a step closer in finding the cure. All donations will be tallied up in June 2018 and will be celebrated when releasing the amount raised.

In addition to your donations, I will be active in attending charity events and getting involved in more hands on activities to help to raise funds, so that pot can keep growing and give us all the more reason to celebrate this time next year. I will be using my blog and social media platforms with details of this in due cause.

“Stevie Rose Blake Professional Make-up supports Cancer Research UK. You too can support the charity’s work and help to bring forward the day when all 200 cancers are cured. Please go to Just Giving and make a donation – don’t forget to gift aid!” Cancer Research

A massive thank you for reading and for your generous contributions, from Rachael and myself! As they say in their advertising campaign - and rightly so...


A special mention to the creative and talented photographer, well known for his unobtrusive approach, who captured the very essence of the day and is responsible for taking these stunning pictures, is Oxford's very own 'Tom Weller'. To view more images of Rachael and Olly's special day, please visit my blog.